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About us

About us

The Dalet Academy is your go-to resource for free, accurate, impartial and relevant broadcast educational materials. Whether you’re a customer, partner or even a competitor, this one-stop online training center will help you better engage in advanced system discussions, enabling smarter business decisions to be made based on firm technical understanding of the issues and their implications.

In the Dalet Academy, we’ll be covering a broad range of topics, from new broadcast technologies and complex media manipulations, to advanced end-to-end workflows and practical application. Anyone from students to seasoned industry professionals working, or hoping to work, in the broadcast and media industries can learn about these and more topics through the Academy’s free educational resources.

In our efforts to provide the highest quality educational materials, these and more topics will be covered in a variety of formats - videos, blogs, white papers, case studies, webinars and courses - by a number of industry leaders, both internally at Dalet as well as externally with input from partners, customers and more.

In the Video Gallery, we have compiled a number of suggested playlists based on topic and genre, and we will feature user tutorials for Dalet software, educational presentations, and replays of some of our most popular webinars. You will also find the entire back-catalogue of Bruce’s Shorts episodes. The Blog, authored by many industry experts from Dalet, its partners and the wider industry, gives unbiased insights about trends and emerging technologies in the industry. White papers provide in-depth written explanations of complex technical issues in an accessible and practical style. Case studies help ground all the theory in real practical applications from the teams that went out and achieved the results. Webinars take an in-depth look at hot topics facing the industry. In-depth training courses (the Academy’s only paid-for content) offer the best in face-to-face training on all the topics that we cover.

Dalet Academy users can subscribe individually to Academy offerings, or they can subscribe globally to everything at once. For additional information, please contact us at

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The Dalet Academy is edited and published by Dalet Digital Media Systems.

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