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Captioning Glasses for Movie Theaters

Captioning Glasses for Movie Theaters

Captioning Glasses for Movie Theaters
Posted: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Glasses 001While captioning and subtitlingis mandated by law for all video content aired on TV and now on the web too, it's not the case for mainstream movies shown in theaters. Which means that until now, the hearing impaired had limited options:

Either find one of the rare few theaters screening their selected film with closed captioning, or skip the entire movie-going experience and wait until the movie came out in DVD, Blu-Ray, or on cable television.

However things are changing with the recent announcement of Sony's new Entertainment Access Glasses.  The lightweight glasses are outfitted with small projectors on each side that allow the wearer to see subtitles directly in front of their eyes, giving them the freedom of choice afforded to hearing people.  

NPR recently did a piece on the topic.  

I thought it was pretty cool and I look forward to further technologies that allow an even greater, and more wonderful movie going experience for all.

Meanwhile, if captioning is important to your business, check out our whitepaper.

Captions Whitepaper

Posted by Bruce Devlin

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