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Do you really want me to wear my sequins in Vegas?

Do you really want me to wear my sequins in Vegas?

Do you really want me to wear my sequins in Vegas?
Posted: Thursday, April 03, 2014

AmberFin in VegasAs we prepare for our annual pilgrimage to the Nevada desert in search of enlightenment, something troubles me this year. Over the years, NAB has grown to the point where there is an absolute clamor and a cacophony of noise as NAB opens and companies unveil their latest Carlos Fandango system solution, which they exhort will change the broadcast industry for good:

If you are a wealthy company, with big marketing budgets, then it is possible to make yourself heard amongst all that white noise. But what if you’re not – instead if you are an independent company, which prioritizes R&D spend over marketing. And what if you have something that is a real game-changer and is unique in the market – how do you communicate this without cheer leaders and brass bands to herald your new introduction?

The mixed cadence video nightmare 

A big and growing problem for post houses and broadcasters today is performing mixed frame rate editing, for example adding video graphics to original film material, and then returning it to 24p film and progressive video for distribution over iTunes, Amazon, Netflix or a host of other international broadcast and digital networks.

This is a real world problem: keeping mixed cadence media clean throughout a file-based workflow can be a nightmare and can seriously impact on its final quality when viewed on a wide range of progressive devices such as HDTVs, tablets and smartphones.

At AmberFin, we have focused on this issue – our new Adaptive Cadence Corrector (ACC) is a software-based system for correcting mixed cadence material back to 24p film and progressive HD video within file-based workflows.

And what’s more, it really is unique in the market today! 

With our new cadence correction option for iCR we have developed a pure software solution that's fast and allows users to get back to the 24p original for internet, international and digitalworkflows without any cadence correction artifacts.

Advanced solutions at an everyday price 

By incorporating ACC as a feature within the newly released version 10 of iCR, we have made this unique capability generally available at a highly competitive price. The first member of a group of advanced AmberFin software technologies called (AT)3, AmberFin ACC provides unique deterministic high quality cadence processing.

ACC is super fast and works on a standard CPU, so it’s easy to deploy and operate. It can float within an iCR Transcode Farm and the visual quality of its output is vastly superior to uncorrected media.

In short, ACC is worth its weight in platinum since it provides users with revenue generating progressive video from assets with broken cadence. Prior to this launch we have worked with a number of customers in ACC’s development and their feedback has been awesome.

If I must, I will dress up in my sequin outfit on our NAB booth – SU8505 – but please listen: this is big news at NAB! Come to our booth and our team will tell you all about it, and If you would like to read more about AmberFin’s adaptive approach to mixed cadence correctionthen why not download our rather fine White Paper.

I hope you found this blog post interesting and helpful. If so, why not sign-up to receive notifications of new blog posts as they are published?

CTA Adaptive File-Based Standards Conversion of Mixed Cadence Material Whitepaper

Posted by Bruce Devlin

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