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Industry pros gather in the Big Apple at Content Communications World (CCW)

Industry pros gather in the Big Apple at Content Communications World (CCW)

Industry pros gather in the Big Apple at Content Communications World (CCW)
Posted: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Big AppleWhile CCW may not attract the insanely large crowds that NAB and IBC do, it provides a more intimate, more focused setting that many professionals in our industry tend to find really valuable. Now in its 10th year, CCW show officials say they're expecting in excess of 6,000 people:

Attendees not only get the opportunity to network with friends and other members of their respective communities, but they can also meet directly with vendors and service providers to acquire a deep understanding of today's complex and ever changing technical landscape. That’s because the show highlights many different areas of expertise, both through the individual exhibits areas related to each discipline, but also through its panel discussions and technical sessions. CCW's educational program will feature over 200 speakers addressing the latest trends in content creation, management, distribution and delivery.

As part of this highly popular educational program, Bruce, together with one of our long time customers Jonathan Salomon from WWE, will be hosting a session on how to handle multi-format conversion for global content delivery. WWE is a busy, fast paced operation: every week, they distribute approximately 200 tapes internationally, 100 hours of programming via satellite, and about 45 hours a week of file based content to some 30 international and domestic clients. All of that content is created in 1080i 29.97 NTSC and with a large international presence, a lot of this has to be converted to PAL. WWE also delivers playout-ready content to all of their clients to match whatever playout server they have; they produce multiple language versions in-house, create custom versions of their shows for specific countries, and produce an ever growing amount of web content, so as you can imagine they do a lot of file-based conversion!

Bruce and Jonathan will show how to avoid quality issues when international and internet distribution takes place and will show a novel, fast, software technique to correct the problem, resulting in clean international and internet masters. Their presentation will take place in the Broadcast & Beyond Theater, located in the 600 aisle on Thursday November 14th from 11:45 AM – 12:15 PM.

And of course you can come and see us too on booth #1256 where we will be showing a new workstation designed to help smaller facilities and postproduction houses easily create and review J2K assets. Many media and entertainment organizations have chosen JPEG 2000, or J2K, as a high-end service master or service mezzanine and the facilities that deliver content to them have to work with their strict format requirements. This new affordable and easy to use version of iCR will enable them to ingest and transcode files to J2K, ensuring the highest quality video encoding in a scalable and tightly integrated solution.

CTA Standards Conversion Whitepaper

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