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HPA Tech Retreat UK

Event Start : 
Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Event End: 
Thursday, July 13, 2017
Heythrop Park Resort in Oxfordshire
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Step away from your office and into a unique and immersive event, where your peers and icons bring back to back opportunities for lively conversation and incomparable connection! The HPA Tech Retreat UK returns to Heythrop Park Resort in Oxfordshire 11 – 13 July 2017 for three jam-packed days of challenges, inspiration, and engagement, featuring the elements that make the original Tech Retreat special: the Supersession, a curated Innovation Zone, Breakfast Roundtables, networking and social events beyond compare, and a full, curated conference.

A Dalet representative will be there as a speaker, come and expore IMF at scale!

Bruce Devlin, Chief Media Scientist at Dalet, will speak on that occasion and present his recently released paper about the deployment of IMF at scale.

As an introduction, find here an excerpt:


The Interoperable Mastering Format is reaching critical mass in terms of implementation, interoperability and concrete use cases in the Film and TV worlds. This paper considers some of the management issue when deploying IMF at scale.

We start by looking at a typical small scale installation and how the IMF structure can be used to resolve Track File IDs and discover resources locally. We then scale up to see how that model might struggle at enterprise level and how a media asset management system might be used to consume, locate and synthesis IMF asset.

We look, also, at the difference between edit-like interactive tools for IMF creation and fully orchestrated automatic creation and consumption. The paper presents anonymised war stories from a real-world automated IMF migration where hundreds of thousands of hours of material was automatically migrated to an IMF-ish representation.



Come along to learn more!

Bruce Devlin Chief Media Scientist at Dalet

With 30 years in the industry, Bruce looks after Media Technology for Dalet. An engineer who designed antennas, ASICs, software, algorithms, systems and standards, Bruce is best known for being @MrMXF and you can get his book on Amazon.


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