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5 Steps to Creating or Modifying a Metadata Schema in AmberFin iCR
Posted: Thursday, May 09, 2013
In my last blog post I described the steps required to generate anXML Metadata output from iCR in a couple of simple steps, this is based around a pre-defined XML layout provided by AmberFin: In an ideal world Metadata would be standardized and indeed steps are being taken in the industry to ach...
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Is DPP relevant outside of the UK?
Posted: Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Readers of the AmberFin blog might have the impression that theDigital Production Partnership (DPP) is an initiative with relevance only within the UK, where it was developed. This understanding is entirely wrong – at NAB earlier this month, we received expressions of interest from just about ev...
Posted by Bruce Devlin
Digital Production Partnerships (DPP) Help Broadcast Service Providers
Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013
As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, back in February we organised a highly successful webinar together with our UK channel partner, ATG Broadcast. The webinar focussed on the advantages and challenges ofDPP adoption here in the UK and looked at it from various different perspectives: If you ...
Posted by Bruce Devlin
3 Simple Steps to generating XML Metadata in AmberFin iCR
Posted: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Over the years I have been supplied with a number of tapes to assist with ingest workflowinvestigation or to assist customers in identifying the source of issues they encounter. More often than not a tape which arrives on my desk has associated metadata, be that a well formatted label on the tap...
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DPP – The Facility Perspective
Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2013
As previously discussed on this blog, AmberFin’s recent DPP standards webinar threw up some fascinating perspectives on this area of file-based workflow standardisation. Another interesting perspective came from Chiswick-based international media facility, TVT, which was represented on the webin...
Posted by Bruce Devlin
Digital Production Partnership (DPP) - A Broadcaster's Perspective
Posted: Thursday, March 28, 2013
Recently, we staged a webinar at AmberFin in partnership with ATG Broadcast which focussed on theDigital Production Partnership (DPP) file standards. We had a number of contributors giving the perspectives of a service provider, a media facility and a broadcaster. The broadcaster’s perspective w...
Posted by Bruce Devlin
How DPP will Revolutionise File-based Workflows
Posted: Thursday, March 21, 2013
Not for the first time, I’m guilty of using the term revolutionary in association with the Digital Production Partnership (DPP). No, I have not been reading too many subversive texts – it is the simple truth that this UK-based initiative leads the world in supporting the widespread adoption of d...
Posted by Bruce Devlin
Life before and after DPP (Digital Production Partnership)
Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2013
People that know me will be aware that file-based workflows are a passion of mine. Ten years ago I was co-author of the MXF (Media Exchange Format) specification and ever since I have been engaged in taking this neatSMPTE standard and using it to create a business platform for media enterprises ...
Posted by Bruce Devlin
Five Things that you Need to Know about DPP
Posted: Thursday, March 07, 2013
When organizations use the term ‘revolutionary’ to describe a concept, I find that it's normally a pretty good cue to turn off and move on to the next thing. Usually, puffed up descriptions conceal a flaky or fundamentally compromised proposition. The first thing I can tell you about the Dig...
Posted by Bruce Devlin


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