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How to Simplify the Complexity of Multingual, Multi-format Captioning Workflows.

Captions rarely increase the revenues of broadcasters or content owners. They are an add-on service that is in many cases required by law and those laws are changing. We are entering a world where multi-platform delivery to broadcast, VoD and web streaming channels now also require captions and subtitles by law. The traditional captioning workflows that go around the outside of the main workflow are now too expensive and time consuming to justify when the number of platforms is growing and the number of viewers per platform is inevitably diminishing.

The companion whitepaper from Dalet on this topic (An Introduction to Captions in File based Workflows) explained some of the history of captioning and “how we got here”. This paper shows how placing captions in the heart of a file-based ingest and transcode workflow can dramatically improve the efficiency and reliability of otherwise difficult captioning and subtitling workflows.


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