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HEVC: The Path to Better Pictures

HEVC: The Path to Better Pictures

How to migrate from the interlaced origins of television to the progressive future of high quality, ultra high definition media. Digital video has to be compressed to be used. In particular, if we are to deliver it to the home – and let’s face it, there is not a lot of point in making television if we do not deliver it to the home – then it has to be in a bitstream that can be transmitted economically.

To make a good job of compressing video, we need to be careful we only throw away the information that viewers will not miss. Today we are developing appetites for ever-larger raw files: 3D, 4k and even 8k video. So we need to find ways to compress video ever more efficiently. The next big thing would appear to be HEVC, the high efficiency video codec. This paper looks briefly at the history of encoding, sets the scene for HEVC, and considers how it might be implemented.

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