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What is Dalet Flex?

Dalet Flex is an agile media logistics and content supply chain solution that makes it easier and less costly to produce, prepare, package, distribute, and monetize content with powerful metadata and asset management. 

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How can I purchase Dalet Flex?

Available on a subscription basis, Dalet Flex brings all the convenience and affordability SaaS has to offer. Dalet Flex is an enterprise-grade media workflow platform available as a subscription, with custom offerings that can be tailored exactly to any organization’s needs and specific requirements. 

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Do I need to buy onboarding services?

Dalet Flex‘ customers benefit from an onboarding program. Additional professional services including workflow customization, and more are available upon request. Dalet Flex is usually purchased with Professional Services to help you tailor the solution to your business requirements and technical environment. 

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