Media Asset Management

Manage rich content to streamline production and distribution operations. Increase revenue opportunities.

Boost Productivity

Quickly preview, access, share, edit, assemble, and deliver content and programs to multiple platforms

Dalet asset management solutions provide a business-centric media platform for managing assets, metadata, workflows and processes throughout the multimedia production and distribution chain.
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    Unique Database
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    Central Content Catalogue
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    End-to-End Toolset

Workflow orchestration

Automated processes and distributed services architecture, with a powerful workflow orchestration layer

In today’s fast-paced environment, media and entertainment companies need manage their digital assets efficiently, increase revenue opportunities, and streamline production costs.
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    Intuitive user tools
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    Sophisticated metadata
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    Review and approval

3rd party integration

Developed from the ground up to meet the needs of the broadcast and media industries

Complete interoperability with Traffic, NRCS, NLEs, production systems, broadcast servers, HSM, storage solutions, QC automation, to create a truly unified environment.
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    Scalable configurations
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    Multisite capabilities
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    Open APIs

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Complementary Tools

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