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Building a business around DPP (Digital Production Partnership)

Building a business around DPP (Digital Production Partnership)

Building a business around DPP (Digital Production Partnership)
Posted: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Building a business around DPP (Digital Production Partnership)Much of what has been said and written recently about the Digital Production Partnership (DPP)centres on the enabling technology and the versatility of the standards created by the organisation. Whilst AmberFin is a company with technology implementation at its heart, we never forget that the technology is just a means to and end, rather than an end in itself:

The end is the building of enterprise operations around the media transformation process. How can we make the most efficient media factory possible – one that will thrive in today’s dynamic market?

When looked at in this way, DPP is so much more then really creative technology and thoughtful standardisation. DPP is a platform around which businesses can expand their enterprise operations, increase operating efficiency and minimise task duplication and resource waste.

Make your business exempt to interoperability tax 

If your business were to become an early adopter of DPP, you would be making yourself exempt from an interoperability tax (if such a thing existed). When you look at a single transaction, the extra cost and resources needed if system interoperability is an issue might seem insignificant, but when you multiply this by hundreds of files the cost soon adds up to something really significant.

In a standardised DPP world, to achieve true system interoperability across the industry there would be a limited amount of pain and cost felt by everybody but this would be shared equally amongst the organizations involved and it would be a limited cost, which is incurred only once. After this point, our industry has a fantastic common interchange format to help encourage partnerships and build businesses.

In a world that has adopted DPP, media and metadata interoperability is not an issue since the format is built on a strong, detailed common interchange specification. In this homogeneous scenario the resources that would have been used in the interoperability engineering process can be used in more creative and productive ways, such as programme making. 

Let’s exploit DPP’s potential and grow our enterprise operations 

The essence of the problem facing our industry today is the lack of a common interchange format to enable these transactions. DPP is the first open public interchange format that is specifically designed to address this issue. DPP is intended to transform today’s 20 per cent trickle of file-based media transactions between organisations into an 80 per cent flood in the shortest time.

Yes, in many ways DPP represents a technological innovation but we must never forget the business driver that underpins all of this activity. Whether you are a public service broadcaster or an independent production facility, DPP offers something new and quite different. Its potential to open up new commercial opportunities and generate new business is tremendous.

The hard work has been done by DPP. Now, the challenge is how we adopt it. In this situation, the biggest winners will be the first to recognise the opportunity that DPP presents. If you would like to explore these opportunities with one of the leading supporters of DPP then contact your local AmberFin office. 

DPP Whitepaper

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