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How IMF Can Benefit a...

The Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is a standard from SMPTE (ST 2067) that encourages process automation with reliable interoperability to significantly reduce the costs and improve the efficiency of multi-version, multi-platform distribution.

This white paper looks at how IMF can benefit a facility where versions matter. It will briefly consider how IMF works and then look at use cases of where automation can be used to ensure optimal handling of titles both at the point of creation and also over time as versions are created, managed and maintained. More IMF...

The Power of FIMS

The Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS) is a project to define standards that enable media systems to be built using a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

This will provide the flexibility, efficiency and scalability...

Media Asset Management

This paper will focus on the challenges and solutions for Media Asset Management and follow on to look at how the system can be extended to Business Process Management. While there are many types of MAM for many types of workflow, the focus here will be on program preparation for multi-platform delivery and content monetization. How can a MAM simplify production...

Story-Centric News Production

Today's newsrooms need to produce content for many different channels. It's why we offer a "story-centric" approach to news production. All the different elements of a story reside within a virtual container, making it far easier to quickly repurpose and distribute content to multiple platforms. Learn how to shift from a show-specifc, rundown-driven...

Case Studies

Mediaset Italy

Mediaset engineers business transformation and increases productivity with Dalet. Italy's largest commercial broadcaster Mediaset (Gruppo Mediaset) embarked on a radical business transformation to produce more content, faster, to more devices with a future-proofed and scalable system agile in...

Turner Broadcasting System

Turner Broadcasting gives 22,000 hours of programming a new lease on life. The international broadcaster is able to convert obsolete Pinnacle files for use on new Omneon playout servers using Dalet AmberFin.

WWE Teams

WWE relies on Dalet AmberFin to handle multi-format conversion for global content delivery, smooth FCP to Avid transition and support massive digitization project.

The Speed Channel

SPEED is America’s premier cable television network dedicated to motor sports. From racing to restoration, motorcycles to movies, SPEED delivers quality programming from the track to the garage. Dalet MAM is the core content management system at SPEED, managing all media and associated metadata...


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