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Dalet at NAB 2024: Efficiencies, Collaboration, Transformation

This year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas was nothing short of spectacular for the Dalet team. From exciting announcements to prestigious awards and new industry partnerships, the show set the tone for 2024 to be a year of innovation, efficiency, and collaboration in media technology.

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Dalet is Made for this Moment - TBT IBC2023

IBC is the iconic event in which we introduced some of Dalet’s most innovative solutions, such as Dalet Galaxy back in 2012 and Dalet Media Cortex in 2018. The show is known for its energy and optimism, and thus we chose it as the stage for the launch of Dalet InStream and the release of…

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Need Efficient Workflows? We Have a Solution for That

Over the past 3 decades, our philosophy when creating solutions was not just to make all our customers’ content available to everyone at once. It has always been, and remains today, about the smartest way to arrange their production and distribution environment. The 100th NAB Show was a fitting venue to unveil the developments we…

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Tomorrow’s News

News has shifted into an entirely new era. Paraded in by the ease of access and the speed at which information is spread locally and globally, this new era of news is defined by the minute-by-minute commentary audiences can receive on almost any device, at any time. With more channels and formats to tell stories,…

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How to Boost Your Video Strategy

This article was first published in the Raconteur issue “The Future CMO” in June 2022. People frantically looking up ‘How to…’ video guides was one of the defining features of Covid lockdowns. Without easy access to plumbers or builders, it was up to the video tutorial to help guide our shaky hands through fitting a…

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NAB 2022 in Review

The return of the NAB Show in Las Vegas was nothing short of amazing. It was very special to be able to meet again with our customers, partners, and the media community as a whole after a two-year hiatus. Even though attendance was down by about half in comparison to pre-COVID shows, those attending were…

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Dalet Connect
No trade shows? No problem! Dalet Connect is here for you.

The world seems temporarily on pause and spending more time at home does come with challenges. We do our best to adapt on both personal and professional levels to keep ourselves and our organizations running as smoothly as possible, from the safety of our homes (and backyard for the lucky ones!). At Dalet, we believe…

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How leading media organizations grow with Dalet

Everybody loves a good story, right? Well, it’s particularly true at Dalet. We love stories and we love storytellers. News, sports, TV shows, films, documentaries, corporate and educational content… Our mission is to enable the business of media and our mandate is to do it as effectively as possible, whatever the market or content type….

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Dalet Pulse 2019 - Awards
Dalet Awards, Dalet Pulse, NAB 2019,, ABC

Every April, media and technology professionals from all over the world gather in Las Vegas to see the latest technology innovations at NAB Show. But more than getting a glimpse of the next generation, many make the pilgrimage to ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’ to learn from those industry pioneers and titans who have…

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