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Dalet Announces IBC2020 Virtual Showcase

Online lineup features Dalet Pulse event and digital sessions focused on enhancing mobility, flexibility and agility across News, Programming, and OTT

Dalet, a leading provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, today announced its virtual IBC2020 event plans through Dalet Connect. An extension to Dalet’s online presence launched in April 2020, Dalet Connect is a digital meeting environment dedicated to media professionals looking for workflow solutions. Dalet kicks off its “Virtual IBC” on September 1st with digital sessions on new product introductions and workflows that enhance mobility, flexibility and agility across News, Programming and OTT content preparation. Dalet Pulse, which will be held on September 8th, is a special online event that provides attendees the opportunity to interact with the Dalet team, learn about the latest innovations and what’s on the horizon.

“IBC has long served as the platform for Dalet to present real technology use cases as well as to discuss our innovation plans. It has also been a place for us to connect with our customers and partners and hear what matters to their businesses,” comments Robin Kirchhoffer, director of Marketing, Operations and Content, Dalet. “With the current events preventing us from connecting in person, these deep conversations become more important now than ever,”  Robin summarizes. “Over the last several months we have been fine-tuning the Dalet Connect online experience to recreate a community environment where any media professional can engage with Dalet at their own pace and based on their specific needs.”

Attendees can register for live digital sessions and Dalet Pulse as well as schedule meetings @ https://www.dalet.com/connect/.


Dalet Pulse – Welcome to the Age of Distributed Media Operations

In partnership with Adobe, AWS and Bitmovin, Dalet Pulse will feature keynotes and presentations from industry experts with discussions on leveraging tools that foster remote collaboration and increase audience engagement across consumption platforms. Dalet will facilitate live discussions on latest advancements and real-world use cases in media. Register for the Dalet Pulse September 8th event @ https://www.dalet.com/events.


A Look at the New Product Launches and Latest Innovations

The expanding digital session lineup features new product introductions and technology innovation including:

  1. New Dalet AmberFin Cloud Transcoder – This SaaS-based, high-quality media processing service offers robust transcoding, media packaging and distribution capabilities with unlimited scalability. The solution addresses a range of complex needs allowing content creators and distributors to respond quickly and efficiently to delivery demands.
  2. Innovating OTT Workflows – The Ooyala Flex Media Platform, integrated with Bitmovin’s encoding, player and analytics offerings, redefines the economics and the user experience of OTT video distribution. The presentation will feature the case study of the National Rugby League of Australia.
  3. New Cloud-enabled Graphics with Dalet CubeNG – Tightly integrated in the Dalet Galaxy five platform, Dalet CubeNG  can now run on public cloud infrastructure as well as on-premises, supporting real-time graphics creation with must-have features including CGs on the timeline with animated preview and burn-in.
  4. Enhanced integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro: with new functionality for the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, thanks to improvements to its Adobe Panel and added support for remote and cloud editing workflows with Dalet Galaxy five, enabling advanced collaboration for distributed teams.
  5. New and improved tools for home-based production: Dalet Galaxy xCloud, a SaaS-based full-featured version of the Dalet Galaxy five platform, facilitates  end-to-end remote production workflows with unlimited scalability. Updates to Dalet On-the-Go newsroom mobile app include a new UI and a range of usability improvements to optimize remote user experience for journalists, reporters and chief editors.
  6. A range of SaaS offerings to complement existing Dalet operations: from AI-driven editorial tools with Dalet Media Cortex, to B2B monetization solutions that selectively expose a content owners’ catalog with Dalet StoreFront.


To join Dalet’s IBC2020 Virtual Showcase, head over to https://www.dalet.com/connect/.


About Dalet

Dalet solutions and services enable media organizations to create, manage and distribute content faster and more efficiently, fully maximizing the value of assets. Based on an agile foundation, Dalet offers rich collaborative tools empowering end-to-end workflows for news, sports, program preparation, post-production, archives and enterprise content management, radio, education, governments and institutions.

Dalet platforms are scalable and modular. They offer targeted applications with key capabilities to address critical functions of small to large media operations – such as planning, workflow orchestration, ingest, cataloging, editing, chat & notifications, transcoding, play out automation, multi-platform distribution and analytics.

The integration of the Ooyala Flex Media Platform business has opened vast opportunities for Dalet customers to deploy successful strategies that better address their audiences with agile multi-platform content distribution in a wider range of markets, such as sports for teams and leagues, brands and corporate organizations, as well as Media and Entertainment companies looking to scale up their digital offerings.

Dalet solutions and services are used around the world at hundreds of content producers and distributors, including public broadcasters (BBC, CBC, France TV, RAI, TV2 Denmark, RFI, RT Malaysia, SBS Australia, VOA), commercial networks and operators (Canal+, FOX, MBC Dubai, Mediacorp, Fox Sports Australia, Mediaset, Orange, Charter Spectrum, Warner Bros, Sirius XM Radio), sporting organizations (National Rugby League, FIVB, Bundesliga) and government organizations (UK Parliament, NATO, United Nations, Veterans Affairs, NASA).

Dalet is traded on the NYSE-EURONEXT stock exchange (Eurolist C): ISIN: FR0011026749, Bloomberg DLT:FP, Reuters: DALE.PA.

Dalet® is a registered trademark of Dalet Digital Media Systems. All other products and trademarks mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.


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