Dalet Customer Advisory Board Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Back in November Dalet held its 2022 Customer Advisory Board meetings in the US and Europe. These gatherings allow Dalet to listen, debate and discuss technology needs, industry challenges and opportunities with customers in an intimate setting. The face-to-face customer collaboration is a key driver for Dalet innovation.

Dalet had a singular mission back when the company was founded in 1990. The way audio and video content was created and distributed faced many barriers, and the company took it on as a mission to remove them – no matter the underlying technology. From day one, Dalet worked closely with its customers to understand their priorities and develop solutions that helped them overcome challenges and take advantage of new opportunities to shape the media landscape.

Dalet strengthened its customer collaboration with the introduction of the Dalet Customer Advisory Board (CAB) in 2002, a global gathering of Dalet leaders and customers designed to share experiences and discuss challenges and needs for the future. Part technology summit, part innovation retreat, the Dalet CAB consists of Dalet and customer keynotes, topical workshops, and open forums, as well as exclusive dinners and other social events to foster a sense of community.

“As media consumption habits and new revenue models drive the continuing transformation of the media industry, the opportunities for innovation increase,” says Stephane Guez, Co-Founder & Principal at Dalet. “The Customer Advisory Board is a unique opportunity to have conversations around these transformations and discuss implications such as cloud costs, deployment models, remote production, workflow efficiencies, flexibility, and scalability directly with our customers. The result is a customer-informed product roadmap that prioritizes solving their pain points and helping them accomplish their goals.” 

The 2022 event included delegates from broadcasters, studios, sports organizations as well as corporate and government organizations from more than 10 countries. Many are not just rethinking but upending the way they manage content. Neither assets nor people can be tethered to specific systems in walled silos any longer. Content needs to be accessible where your people and partners are, actionable on the systems they already use, and all of it production-ready not in months or weeks, but days or hours.

Dalet solutions were built for the environment we suddenly find ourselves in, giving the company a unique opportunity to shape the media landscape through innovation and leadership with customer input from these essential CAB gatherings as the foundation.

If you are a customer and would like to participate in Dalet CAB events and help pave the way to innovation, please contact Dalet!

Dalet CAB Social Events

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